This week was harder for me to remain detoxed because the temperatures in Columbia went from 74 degree highs to 57.  This made me want to go buy a warm gold scarf for the game tomorrow, but I resisted.  Though gold may look better, I know I have a black scarf that can work for the game.  So, this week I am feeling a bit chiller, but still feel I am able to be creative and finally get to wear my fall clothing.  I think fall clothing will make detoxing easier because a cardigan can go on top of any complimentary color shirt and that’s one of my favorite things about fall.  Depending on the jewelry and bottoms I wear, I can dress the outfit up or keep it casual for class.

The other factor of this week is hearing about my friends getting great deals on summer clothing because it’s being heavily clearanced by almost every retail chain.  However, I am fine on summer clothing and spending money to get a good deal still involves spending money.

While things may have gotten more difficult this week, doing laundry certainly put into perspective how much clothing I have here.  The temperature may change how I dress, but I am still detoxed and creative!