I’ve started to go sort of insane. No shopping is getting too hard. I already have an evil plan to excuse myself from detoxing for halloween costumes and couldn’t be more excited for that to come (I’m bad, I know). I guess I can say “so far, so good” but while seeming like a shopping addicted psychopath at the same time.

My mom has been my rehabilitation nurse in this process. She assigned me to the duty of shopping for my sister a few days ago. I got to go onto Forever 21 and actually press “checkout” once my cart was ready for the first time since the detox began. The clothes aren’t for myself, they’re for my sister, so hopefully that isn’t breaking the detox. I’ve still continued trying dressing cute for class everyday instead of wearing sweatpants or loungewear so I at least could still have pride about my current wardrobe.

All in all, I just want this detox to be over so I can shop again.