It’s week three and to be honest, it’s only gotten harder. I visited home this weekend and the first thing my best friend wanted to do was go to the mall. It is so hard to walk around and look at everything without wanting to buy it. I have had to get really creative with my closet lately as far as mixing and matching things. I had a wedding to go to on Saturday and I was so tempted to go out and buy a dress for it. Instead, my mom and I went through my closet and I chose to wear a dress from one of my high school homecoming dances…I wan’t too happy about it but it worked! I even received some compliments on the dress. The one thing that helps me get through my urge to shop is borrowing my roommates clothes. It allows me to have different clothes to wear without having to go out and shop for new things. I’m interested to see if this challenge will get any easier as the weeks go on. I hope it does!