SHOPPING! I am having to hold back urges to shop. I never realized before how often I would pick up little things here and there. I don’t go on many shopping sprees and I don’t actually make purchases very often, but I never realized how often I would pick up a new shirt and not think twice about it. I have the urge to do this all the time!

I do feel like I’m getting close to needing some new jeans. My current jeans are starting to get holes in them. I guess I could find a cool way to patch them instead of buying new jeans…Pintrest here I come! So far nothing has really changed between me and my friends. they do however encourage me not to make purchases. 2 times this week I have gone into stores with my roommate and both times she has reinforced the fact that I am detoxing.

I did try to be a little more creative this week with what I wore to the football game. The past few games I’ve worn the same shirt that I bought just before I started detoxing, but for this game I felt like it was time to switch it up. My roommate bought a beat Texas shirt for this game, but I couldn’t. So I broke out a black tank top and an orange/gray tube scarf. I always want to find a good excuse to wear that scarf, but I don’t feel like I have enough outfits to wear it with. Thinking about wanting to wear scarfs to games really makes me want to buy a plain orange scarf to wear to homecoming. You have to have a cute outfit for homecoming! So we will see how I do in a couple of weeks. I’ll let you know if I break down and buy a new outfit for homecoming, but I will try to stay head strong!