I struggled a little this week and I was feeling frustrated. I was visiting friends a few towns away and we had plans to go out Friday night and then watch the football game at a sports bar Saturday night. As I was meeting new people for the first time I really wanted to buy a new cute outfit. I went shopping with a friend who wanted a new game day outfit and it was so hard to resist…but of course I did! She actually reassured me that I already have a lot of nice game day clothes so should just get it all out of my closet and start mixing different pieces together to see what I can find. My friend also offered her closet to me to rummage through which really helped me out! As much as it makes me sad that I cant shop with my friends, just seeing them buying things made it ok. It sounds really silly but helping friends pick things out and try them on made me happy. If I cant shop I can sort of live through them, give them advice and still enjoy a shopping experience…while also feeling like a stylist!
The challenge really is helping my creativity to flow, I did find a cool outfit to watch the game in by pairing my white shorts with a tank and my friends vest and belt and it looked like a completely new outfit. The same friend let me borrow a dress for Friday night so I survived another week, but I cant say it was a easy one. The detox is definitely getting harder!