So, I am done with all my midterm exams this week. With that being said, I had more free time on my hand to do whatever I want. Therefore, it had been a little bit challenging this weekend for me not to glance at clothes and accessories, especially my friend was having her wedding this afternoon. All my girlfriends were getting so excited going shopping to find their perfect dresses, and of course, I could not help it but was dragged along with them. It was so tempting seeing my friends looking like princesses in those new dresses, and I wanted one so badly myself. To be honest, I did try a bunch of them on, but none of them got to go home with me. Since my friends all ended up wearing their new dresses to the wedding, I asked them whether I could peep in and see some of their other ones in the closets. Finally, I found one that suited me nicely, though it was not brand new to them, it was new to me. 

The wedding went good, I had a lot of compliments on my dress. I realized I don’t have to spend a lot of money to make myself look good. It’s all about patience, friends’ support and of course, a dash of creativity. I’m so glad I’m in fashion detox. I have learned more than what I expected. One more week passed, now I’m ready for the next one to come!