This week I am feeling great about the detox.  I’ve had ups and downs within the few weeks but this past week I did awesome.  The challenge has made me more creative every day.  The past week I was so busy with school work.  I had projects due and three tests, so I didn’t even have time to relax let alone have any temptations to shop.  Being so busy has really helped get my mind off of shopping.  This past week I also signed a lease for a house for next school year, so I had to make a down payment and that one hit the wallet hard, so I need to make sure I don’t spend any more money.  I still feel a little jealous around other people because I know that they can buy whatever they want and I know that I can’t.  One creative strategy that I thought of was to just keep looking at pinterest and tumblr daily because it is a way to look at fashion trends and not actually being tempted to purchase them.