This whole not shopping thing is actually starting to wear on me a little. I’ve been extremely stressed out lately and normally when i’m having a bad week or even just a bad day, I turn to shopping. I’m trying to learn to relieve my stress in other ways. I’ve been spending a lot of time at the dog park with my puppy trying to clear my head. I had to run into Target the other day just to grab one thing really quick and as I walked by the women’s clothing section, my eyes were glued to the clothes. The funny thing is that I don’t even shop at Target. But it just reminded me of all the things I can’t buy and it really made me miss shopping. But I’m going to hold my head up and keep on going with this challenge. In terms of creativity, I’m trying to step outside of my box in terms of the way I wear things. I tend to wear the same shirt with the same pants and the same shoes…but I’m trying to add a statement necklace or just change up my typical routine just a little bit. My mom keeps reminding me that I’m not allowed to shop and it’s just killing me! I don’t even allow myself to look online at anything because it would just be pure torture. I’ve even caught myself looking over other people’s shoulder’s during class lately to see what website they’re shopping on! That’s just sad. It still amazes me at how big of a problem I really had with shopping before this detox. I’m just addicted to fashion!