Oddly this week I have not thought about shopping at all.  My schedule was very hectic this week so that was probably why I did not have any urges to go shopping.  It feels good to know that I did not want to go shopping this week after having such a hard time last week holding back on it.  I have been more creative with the way I wear my clothes as far as mixing and matching everything I can find in my closet.  It is quite entertaining actually because I feel like I am shopping in my own closet, and putting together new outfits is always fun. 

            Around others I felt the same this week since I was so busy and did not even have time to think of going shopping or wanting to go shopping.  It also helped that my roommates were also busy and not talking about going shopping or showing me something that they recently bought.  I felt like they were kind of a support system for me this week.  This week I did not need to use any strategies to help me not shop since I did not have that urge to shop anyway.  I hope that this next upcoming week is as easy as it was this week.