This week I received my first pay check at work. With that extra income available, I was feeling more tempted to go shopping. Especially with football games happening, I have been really wanting a new OSU shirt or dress. I know I could make one out of an old giant shirt, which I may end up doing soon enough. This challenge will probably end up spiking my creativity a lot. I’ll end up making different outfits and dresses out of old shirts.

My friends have been buying new outfits and fall shoes lately. It makes me feel pretty jealous. It helps thought because then I am able to borrow their new outfits. Luckily my friends are pretty generous when it comes to sharing clothes.

Overall I have been really good about not going out and shopping. When ever some of my friends go, I opt out of it so that I am not tempted to buy anything. Now that I have money again it’s more difficult. I try to spend my time doing other things, as well as not getting on pinterest and seeing outfits I want.