After this past week I am feeling more hopeful about my success in this challenge. I had a date party this weekend so I had to figure out what to wear to match the theme with what I already have in my possession. The theme was Home Sweet Homa….so anything relating to Oklahoma. At first I thought it would be entertaining to be something outlandish like a buffalo, white trash sooner fan, or a bushel of wheat. I did not own a single thing needed for these costumes so I kept thinking of a new costume idea. Inspired by Pistol Pete, I decided I wanted to be an outlaw. The items needed for the outfit were boots, jeans, tank top, toy guns and holster, bandana and a cowboy hat. I own all those things except toy guns and holster and a cowboy hat so I decided to buy the toys but skip the hat. Outfit turned out great and all I bought were toys!

I did feel like this challenge kept me from getting creative since I wanted to buy clothes to make a buffalo costume or bushel of wheat. These costumes would have been unique and hand made. Instead I had to use what was in my closet. Mix and matching what you have is not nearly as creative as sewing your own costume.