Two weeks strong, then I made my first mistake. These past couple weeks have been hectic as my first round of exams came up. I’ve been sort of stressed out lately because I’ve been absorbed in my schoolwork and I’m exhausted at the moment.

While studying in the student center, someone told me about free Jimmy Johns in the basement. After I finished up my homework, I decided to go get a sandwich. The reason they were giving away Jimmy Johns was to encourage voter turnout. They were also giving away shirts and when asked if I wanted one, I absent mindedly said yes. I’m not sure why I took it, it’s not even that cool of a shirt.

Other than that instance, I’ve been very good about detoxing. I’ve been prioritizing my schoolwork over everything which hasn’t left much time for shopping. I also don’t really have any fashion needs to tend to at the moment. I’ve been sporting my sweatpants and concert tshirts most of the week as comfortability has been more of an issue than glamor.

This challenge has made me more attentive to the fashion of my friends. It’s made me conscious of their clothing which I might potentially find useful. This has made me resourceful and less wasteful. As a result of my heightened interest in clothing, I borrowed a funny shirt of my friends to wear this week. Though I borrowed it, I’m kind of tempted to keep it..