This is starting to get a lot harder for me.  When I go through my closet I am liking less and less of what I see.  I have started feeling that I really need something new for my wardrobe.  There are a ton of clothes that I do not like any longer and I need to start going through them.  What is hard about this is that once I go through and get rid of some things, I will want to replace them.  I think I need to start going into my friends’ closets so that I at least feel like I have new items. 

Recently, I have started feeling like I am always wearing the same things.  This affects how I feel around others because I feel like they notice.  I know they probably don’t, but I am just starting to feel uncomfortable.  I am used to having new things quite frequently. 

School is starting to get crazy, so I won’t even have the time to think about shopping or new clothing.  This will be really good for me because I won’t have the temptation to shop.  I think this week I should focus on being creative with the clothing that I have.  I think this could really help me to feel better about what I am wearing.  I may even have my roommates help me so that I can get a new set of eyes.