This week, I discovered I wish I would have discovered it after the detox was over, it is so addicting! This website just may be the reason why I slip up and purchase apparel. The website has the cutest outfits that people have put together as well as the link to where they bought everything from. I seriously almost bought about five different items I found on the website today. To be completely honest, the main reason why I did not buy anything was because it would have cost me a pretty penny, not because of the detox. Anyways, I decided that instead of spending money and buying these clothes, I ought to use the photos as inspiration. This website inspires me to put together different pieces than I normally would have to create a unique look. I have discovered that new combinations of old clothes almost makes it feel like you are wearing a new outfit, which makes this detox more tolerable. Overall, I am feeling pretty good about myself and this detox. I am impressed with myself that I have not bought anything in over a month now, especially considering how fall is my favorite fashion season. Here’s to keeping it that way for the rest of the semester!