This is getting harder and harder for me to keep up with the challenge of not shopping this semester. I try to just think of the challenge week by week, instead of the full length of the challenge. This way, I don’t get depressed on the fact that I am unable to buy things that I find that I like. Luckily, this weekend was easy for me because I went to a friend’s formal in the Ozarks and I had an outfit already picked out that I bought right before I came back to school. This way, I didn’t have to buy anything new, even though I was really wanting to for the big weekend. On the other hand however, I am very excited about this assignment because it is enabling me to save money, at least by cutting out the clothes that I continue to look at online and in stores. This is really helping me and my fight to save money throughout the semester.

I also like how this is helping me channel my creativity and change my wardrobe up with different things to save money and revamp my wardrobe. It helps a lot that my roommates and I interchange pieces of our clothes and accessories so it’s like shopping, but without spending money and still abiding by the rules. Even though this has been challenging, I have enjoyed it and am anxious to see the results.