Autumn has come, weather turns to be lot cooler in Columbia. The thought of shopping occurs in my mind for a couple of times,  I have to say things come to be a little bit harder, insisting on not buying any new apparel. I am always the kind of person who owns much more clothes for summer than winter, it usually annoys me trying to figure out what I should wear in winter and autumn.  I am a little confused now because I would have no more clothes for winter, and I have to wear the only clothes I have for the whole winter, that’s really horrible but I am sure I can make it to the end!

I really like North Face and last winter I said to myself I would buy one this year however it seems I can not purchase that until next winter. But I feel OK whenever I think of I am trying to make a change, everything is meaningful.  Since I am a detoxer now, I start to notice more on what others are wearing , however to my surprise, I find most people do not have as many clothes as I expect before, they will not purchase anything new unless it is necessary. So I start to think of myself, maybe sometimes the need of a new shirt or a coat is not that vital, we just make that big enough because we want our decision to be sound reasonable.

Time passes really fast, almost a half of the semester has gone, I am more confident now that I can detox until the very last. Sometimes when my roommate is  shopping online, I will tell myself that I am challenging myself, and this process can give my life a lot of beautiful memories than the clothes would. This strategy really helps. So guys, just keep moving on and the best it yet to be!