At the beginning of the detox, I felt pretty anxious about not being allowed to purchase fashion apparel. The anxiety of knowing that I couldn’t buy anything made me want to buy more. But as time proceeds, I believe I am starting to come to terms with the detox and actually feeling relieved about it. It really has made me think of more creative ideas, projects, and outfits. However, I go through phases. One day I’m okay with not shopping but the next I’m a mess and in shambles!  I can’t allow myself to look at online stores like I used to.  I am an impulse buyer, so looking at online retail is not a good situation when trying to detox. I have to fight the urge to click on the mass amounts of ads that flood social media sites. It’s tough seeing the advertisements on Facebook and Twitter and resisting the desire to look. I used to scroll and scroll through websites when I gave myself a study break, or just felt like procrastinating, which now, I can’t do that or I’ll end up breaking the detox. Which, in the end, is probably for the better in many aspects. 


            I accidentally broke the detox rules. I didn’t even realize or think of it until after making the purchase. This past week, my sorority had a marriage party with the fraternities we are paired with for homecoming. The theme of the festivity was M for Marriage. I dressed as a mime.Image I used all of my own clothes for the outfit, except I bought white gloves and a Charlie Chaplin bowler/derby hat. The detox completely slipped my mind. It didn’t come to my attention that I was breaking the detox, since I didn’t buy the items for my actual wardrobe but for a costume.  It wasn’t until a few hours later when it dawned on me that it technically broke the detox rules. Its really is tough to keep myself in line!