My parents came up for church today since I stayed at school this weekend.  Naturally, my mom is wearing a new dress, new jewelry, and of course, new shoes. How rude?! I’d been doing fine, quelling my shopping addiction by reading a new series of books, until today.  And now that it’s slowly becoming fall, of course the boots and skinnies are being brought back into the world from deep, dark closets.  Of course, my boots and skinnies are at home. Just my luck… I’m really just ready for real jacket and jean season. It’s my favorite time of year. Not too hot. Not too cold. Perfect.  Why can’t the Oklahoma weather just cooperate?! On the other hand, I’ve been way to busy for shopping lately.  Going to TJ Maxx, though, Friday with a friend to get hair products was torture! All the new clothes and shoes were in and shoes are my weakness. I have to make it through mid-December, but by that point, there will be so much new stuff out! Hopefully the things I want are on clearance by then, and I don’t have to worry about spending a fortune!