Hello my fellow blogers,

I have to say I am feeling a bit blue this past week. Halloween is coming up around the corner and I have just realized that I will not be able to partake in shopping for halloween costume festivities! Sigh such a bummer! I guess I will just have to research some home made costume ideas and let my creativity flow from there!

I havent really had that many temptations this week, even though I am DYING for a new cozy sweater… mainly due to the fact that my wallet is dry to the bone! YIKES! So no opportunities for me to spend any of my “none-money!”

I guess the green-eyed monster might of gotten the best of me this week.. It was kinda of hard to watch all my gal pals talk about what they wanted to buy for their halloween costumes knowing that I would only be allowed to watch!

I don’t have anything fantasticly creative I did to report this week, but I have some more down time this week so my goal is to do something crafty/get creative with my wardrobe!

Until we meet again!