This Week has been awesome!! I am going super strong. Nothings going to stop me now! This week was my formal for my sorority called Diosa.  The first night is country themed and the second night is the formal night! Well completely forgetting it was coming up so soon, I forgot to get my dresses from my house when I was home. Knowing I couldn’t get my new dresses because of my project I had to go look though eighty- eight closets of my sorority sisters to find a dress. The first night I had to find country cloths and I didn’t have any. So my creative side of me came out and made cloths for my self to wear. Not to mention I needed cow boy boots but didn’t have any. What a predicament I was in right? No, and hour before we were starting to get ready a girl asked me if I wanted hers, and of course I said why yes why don’t you want them. She said, “they are to small and I don’t know anyone with your size shoe and they don’t fit me so you can have them!” I was so ecstatic I couldn’t even express it. Then the second night I needed a dress and was scared I was going to have nothing to wear. But boy did I find a dress or what. It was one of the cutest dresses I have ever seen not to mention it fit me like a glove. I couldn’t of been happier!

This weekend my creativity came out by shopping through my sorority sister’s closets and putting clothes together. It was one of the first times throughout this project that I was actually scared I might not find something to wear. But it all worked out in the end.

This weekend there were defiantly temptations but I didn’t have time to go and act on them so it all turned out for the better anyways. When I was seeing everyone get packages from their online shopping with there new dresses yes it was hard but I new I couldn’t do it.  

I felt great in my outfits I wore this weekend knowing I didn’t break the detox rules and knowing I looked great. Everyone loved both of my outfits so it was just that much better. I feel so much more accomplished if people compliment me or really genuinely like my outfits.   

My strategies are if your friends are there and willing to help take advantage of it. Everyone has different styles and are each unique in there own way, which makes it that much cooler to see everyone else’s styles. Once you can see there clothes you will evenly incorporate there style into yours making yours different and better.