I don’t understand how this is so easy for me so far. I always thought I was just the biggest shopper but I have still not caved and bought anything. I haven’t really even had that strong of a desire to go and shop! This is the first time in a long time this has happened. I’m feeling great so far. I’ve saved a lot of money and have even found some inner peace from taking a break from shopping. So far my creativity hasn’t really been impacted by this challenge this, which is surprising to me because last week it was. It pretty much has just been the same ignoring the temptations, which is something I’ve sort of become a master at. I just decide to go work out or take a walk around Stankowski instead of around Columbia mall. Its make me feel better in the inside and the outside! I also am starting to feel a lot better around my friends because they all know I’m going through a detox and help me stay on track and not pressure me. If I ever get the urge to splurge and buy something however (which rarely has happened this week), I’ll just think of something that I already have that’s similar to the product I want and use the one I already have instead. It saves me time and money. I just hope its keeps getting better and better like it has been!