I had a stressful first two days of this past week studying for my Accounting 2 exam that was Tuesday evening. The amount of relief I felt after completing my exam was a lot, and all I wanted to do was not study or work on any homework for the next day or so. This meant I wanted to shop; in stores and online. I found myself on Pinterest and on  my favorite retailers websites yearning for a new gameday dress or going out top. My friends 21st birthday is this upcoming weekend and I had to get her a birthday present. I’m assuming this is allowed since it isn’t for myself. So what do I get the girl that has everything? Well, I’ve been seeing a lot of people on campus wearing these very colorful beaded bracelets. I looked into them online and found out they are fair trade bracelets made by women in Nepal, called Lily and Laura bracelets. I found out where they are sold in Columbia, and discovered that Elly’s Couture downtown sells these vibrant and unique bracelets. They had received a shipment of 600 of these bracelets and I took my time looking through them all. I finally decided on the three bracelets shown below to give to my friend. I was so tempted to buy a few for myself, but luckily Elly said she will be getting a shipment in of 1,000 close to Christmas! It will be well worth the wait-bigger the selection and I’ll actually be able to purchase some!

This challenge has yet again impacted my creativity. When I went home last weekend I was searching through some of my mom’s old clothes from the 90s. Why she hasn’t gotten rid of them, I do not know. I found some high waisted Ralph Lauren jeans that surprisingly fit me. With an America themed party on my calendar to attend in the coming weeks I got on Pinterest and found a great craft I could do. A friend and I cut up our jeans to make high waisted cut off shorts. We then bought some red, white, and blue fabric paint and painted the front of the shorts with the American flag. I am so excited to wear these at the party and get a lot of compliments on them!

I recently was introduced to Rent the Runway and have spent a lot of time looking at designer dresses and accessories reasonably priced for rental. I received a $25 off coupon via e-mail for the first week since I am a new member. Too bad I won’t be able to use it! I definitely think I will rent a dress in the future for a formal dance or for my cousin’s wedding in June.

It feels good to have yet another week under my belt with this Fashion Detox. I feel accomplished and good about myself even though I have urges to shop. At times I do think to myself: is it worth 5% extra credit to not buy any clothes or accessories this entire semester? Then I think to myself, why yes it is, because it isn’t just for the extra credit. It is also for sustainability and controlling my over-consumption of clothing.