I can hardly believe it myself but I felt absolutely no – zero, zilch, nadda – temptation to go shopping or buy anything for that matter.  This week I became sick with a virus that has been spreading around Columbia like wild fire.  It was no surprise to me that I would get sick with my already weak immune system.   Therefore, I felt extremely sick all week long and had no energy to really even get out of my bed.  It was also a holiday on Wednesday, which prevented me from doing anything but attend services.  With the intention of having a ton of plans this weekend in which I would need cute outfits, I ended up not needing them, which helped restrain me from going shopping.  I took part in a fundraiser over the weekend in which I did not need anything cute to wear.  This shows that there are other things you can do that will ensure that your time was well spent.  Although shopping could satiate that, it is nothing compared to participating in philanthropies.  My friends are also aware of how challenging this detox has been for me, so they have been offering me full access to their closets, which has been great.  Sometimes it is nice to intertwine my personal style with my current wardrobe, with my friends’ styles. 

I am already worrying about next week, though.  As it is my sororities dad’s weekend, I know that my dad will offer to take me shopping and my answer to that will have to be, “no.”  It will be difficult to pass up the Dillard’s sale that my dad always drags me too, or the cute clothes hanging in the window at Swank.  I feel that as long as I have access to the many closets in my sorority and all of the fall clothes that I brought back from home, I should be able to resist shopping for the rest of the semester.  But in all honesty, this detox is getting much harder and will definitely continue to get more difficult as the weeks roll by.