Imagine not only being able to shop, but also having literally no closet. I swear I am not being dramatic when I say this because, in fact, this weekend I literally had no clothes to wear at my home in St. Louis. Since I go to Mizzou and only live an hour and a half away from my home in St. Louis, I decided to make a visit to my family. It was my mom’s birthday weekend and also my best friend who goes to SLU was in town for once. My best friend, Shannon, plays field hockey at SLU, so for her to be in St. Louis this weekend was a 50/50 chance due to her sport being in season and the constant schedule of traveling for games. Since she was in town, I decided to go watch one of her games this weekend. However, when I agreed to come to her game, I forgot that I did not bring any clothes home. I felt suffocated this weekend at the thought of thinking of an outfit that did not exist in my closet at home full of middle school leftovers that clearly did not fit me anymore. How was I going to whip up an outfit out of the lack of clothes I had in my closet. I clearly could not just go out to the malls in St. Louis to get clothes for the game. I did not even own a SLU Billikens t-shirt. Obviously I needed something to wear that was blue, but I did not even know if I had clothes that would fit at all. My fashion needs were clearly not being fulfilled.


To stop myself from the temptation of shopping, I decided to wander into my mother’s closet. What I came across was a lot of cute finds from her days in the eighties. A lot of the stuff looked like high-end fashion that I would find at places up at the mall. In the end, I borrowed her old gold watch, a pair of black leggings, black boots, and an oversized chambray button down shirt. I remember over the summer once even repining a look like this on Pinterest. I ended up feeling stylish around all the other fans at the game, but still thankful the denim was blue for the Billikens. I feel like borrowing from my mother was the best strategy without buying something blue for the game. This challenge has definitely tested my creativity the most this weekend without my closet at hand, but in the end I still felt satisfied. I have yet to feel less fashionable during this challenge. Hopefully this luck will continue throughout the next few weeks.