After accomplishing yet another week of The Fashion Detox, I am beginning to feel more confident about this experience. In the beginning I remember feeling very skeptical of how this whole process was going to go and how long I was going to last, but now after completing week number four, I can confidently say that I can do this! This week was rather easy for me! I had on of my friends come and visit me from Texas and she asked if we could walk downtown and go shopping. Much to everyone’s surprise, I said yes and reluctantly walked Sarah downtown, showing her all of my favorite stores. Swank, in downtown Columbia was in the middle of their annual sale, and although I looked around and saw many things I would have liked to purchase, I didn’t even think twice about it. I was shocked, but also happy because it made me realize that this whole process is in our heads, and that every time I walk around downtown, I shouldn’t have to feel the urge to purchase something! I now, after four weeks, am a believe and will be an advocate for The Fashion Detox. Because of this Detox, I feel more appreciative for the articles of clothing that I own, and also amazed with how many different ways I can wear lots of them!