I can’t believe September is almost over and I haven’t bought clothing in a month.  It’s really refreshing because I feel like I am helping the world by not gathering more material possessions and I am certainly helping my bank account.  When reflecting on the month, it hasn’t been as difficult as I had expected to not purchase clothing.  Since I still live on campus, it would be a task to drive somewhere to shop, so that helps to eliminate some temptation.  Of course, things come up, like interviewing for internships, where it would be nice to get a new blouse for to match the company colors, but in the whole scheme of things, that is frivolous and this study has helped me to recognize that.   I am feeling confident with my decision to go through with this research project.  I truly feel the Fashion Detox has made me be more creative because what I am working with is more limited (since nothing can be added to my clothing collection).  When I want a particular pair of jeans, I can turn to my sister to borrow her’s, rather than buying my own.  I think the hardest part has been not accepting free t-shirts.  Those make up the wardrobe of clothes I wear when I work out, so it is hard to not take them, but I know this is about using what I have, and that is a lot.  After a month of not shopping for fashion, I’m feeling great!