Okay, so I thought by Week 3 I would be getting the hang of this detox. However, it only gets more difficult around this time. Today, my roommates and I took pictures for our living room and we decided to do coral accents. Of course, I would have every shade of pink/peach besides coral. I was looking around for anything with coral in it and it came to me. I bought a 70-styled hoop, oversized earring from the thrift store this summer. I painted those earrings with coral paint. I only used one layer of paint and used the sand technique to give them a rusted look. That was my creative styling, in spite of my lack of shopping, for the week! I was very thrilled about how the earrings turned out for the pictures.

I am still faithful in this detox experiment. However, my only concern is homecoming. I am still currently looking for solutions that are thrifty and cute. I will keep you all posted on my findings..around my house!