I am feeling very confident about myself at the moment. I have no urgency to buy anything and I am much more focused on my goals. The challenge has impacted my creativity in the way that I am being much more sustainable and efficient with my thinking. Although my sister and mom wanted me to go shopping with them but I refused to go, I felt really good about it. Not only did I need to do homework but I will also not be spending money! I feel that the temptation to buy things happen more often when I constantly talk about this fashion detox with friends and families. I haven’t been overwhelmingly tempted to buy a product though. When I am around other people I do feel as if it is a burden sometimes because I can’t buy any apparel products. Although I know it’s a good thing for me, my mind still wants to play with the idea that I am still able to consume no matter what. The strategy that I utilize to keep myself from buying things though is to just not think about the product. If there’s something that I see and like, I just walk away from it so that I don’t ponder about it. A creative strategy to fulfill my needs is to just imagine that I had bought the product and have worn it somewhere. This gives me an image of the product but not necessarily obsessing about it. It’s temporary but it works!