So it has been three weeks since the start of Fashion Detox, and I am not going to say this is a piece of cake. However, as I said last week, I was able to bring clothes from home and have began to wear those. Because I haven’t worn these garments some months now, it is almost a way of getting new clothes. I am feeling better than I have in the past weeks. In fact, this challenge is bringing out my creative side as I match different types of clothing together. Also, with football games coming up and although I cannot buy new apparel for that, I have started cutting up t-shirts and making them more fun and unique. Being part of the SEC now, it is appropriate to wear little black dresses and pairing it up with gold jewelry to match the Mizzou colors. My temptations to shop as of right now are surprisingly relatively low. I had a tough time at first, but it is starting to be less stressful. I admit there are times when I look online at the newest fashions, but I still have no given in. Although there are certain items I have had my eye on for awhile, if it is that important to buy I can wait until the holiday’s, when this challenge is over. Who knows, maybe I wont want anything by then. In fact, by having enough control over myself has made me more confident. I know that I can do anything I really want to if I put my mind to it, because I know how much I depended on purchasing clothing before this. I use this confidence all the time now. For example, I have a public speaking presentation this week and was able to be creative with my outfit and it portrayed who I was. Even though I wasn’t wearing new clothes, I was confident I looked professional and could do a great job. Throughout this process, I am trying to stay busy so I don’t even have to think about wanting to go shopping. I am staying focused with my schoolwork and just enjoying being with my friends.