I am starting to feel like a new person! I have had a very successful week with the detox.  I have definitely noticed a change in that I am now not thinking about clothes as nearly as much as I use to. I have not had any needs or wants this week for apparel which is a big change for me.  Being in Columbia makes it a lot easier for me to not be tempted to shop.  In about two weeks I will be heading up to Chicago to visit my boyfriend and that is what I am most worried about.  It’s a good thing I will have barely any extra money when I visit, otherwise it would be spent on clothes! Another strategy that has helped is actually donating my clothes.  With the Association of Textile and Apparel Management yard sale coming up, I donated about 30 items of clothing and it felt really good! Going through my closet always opens my eyes to how bad my spending really was. Hoping for another positive week!!