How am I feeling about this project? Pretty good, I have been able to rise to the challenge and not purchase anything. I am not sure if this challenge has really impacted my creativity, I did experiment with wearing my poncho-like wrap as a skirt; however, my husband wasn’t very impressed and to me he is the ultimate judge. I was tempted this week, while on pinterest looking for something to make my sister for her birthday, I ran across the most adorable white dress. A strategy I implemented immediately to hinder the temptation was to switch my pinterest search from “everything” to “Do it yourself” that did the trick and there was no longer a temptation. If i don’t see it, normally i don’t want it. As far as creative strategies to fulfill needs without purchasing, as I said earlier I did try to turn a poncho into a skirt, but was strongly advised not to wear it in public. So I guess one creative strategy failed.