Ok, there is no need for telling lies here right? I think I should be honest here in front of everybody for what I did today before I continue on talking about my week without shopping. I have a wedding coming up this Sunday, and me and my friends have been discussing about what to wear for a past couple of days. It will be a big wedding, and of course, I want to impress everybody. I was planning to go through a few closets from some of my friends to find a perfect dress, but so far there was no luck. So today, this afternoon, in a weak moment of mine, I went to Envy downtown and bought a dress!! “Oh my gosh!”, I know! It was a beautiful dress that fitted me nicely, there is no doubt I will look like a princess in it on my friend’s big day. I thought to myself nobody will find out about it, but when I got home, which was an hour ago, I felt so bad…So, dear fashion detoxers, I decided to come back and returned it not too long ago. Tears were about to stream down of my face, no I’m not exaggerated, they were. But I am so proud of myself for keeping my promise and commitment unbroken. 

Besides the incident above, I have not been through any mental breakdown for not buying new clothes. Mostly because I was distracted by all the midterm exams, evaluations at work, etc. Oh yes, by the way, last Tuesday was the International Day at Mizzou. I was recognized for being the vice president of the Missouri International Students Council and helping organizing such successful event. The outfit i was wearing that day was from my roommate’s closet: her glittery blue tank, her New York and Company business skirt, her Forever 21 blazer, everything was hers! And I had bunch of compliments from everyone, such a wonderful day for me this week!