Frankly speaking, I don’t know how long I have been here as a blogger of the fashion detox. Time is going fast, it seems that it is almost half of the semester when the midterm exams finished this week. Last week is my birthday week, I used to go shopping with my parents, they bought me beautiful dressing to celebrate my growth. I remember one of the most impressive gifts is a pair of gloves they designed for me. It is unique for me because they paint our family portrait on it. It looks very amazing. I miss mum and dad to a great extent. This weekend is our Chinese Mid-autumn festival. Instead of purchasing new clothes I prefer to spend that money on hanging out with friends eating hotpot with my friends.

I went to the crazy noodle enjoying my dinner last night. When I pass through the shop window, I am exactly attracted by the latest fashion dressing in there. I can’t help to go into the shop and go around feeling the clothes. Even though I really want to purchase some of them, I restrain myself because I don’t think I need it. YES, I DON’T NEED TO BUY THEM. I really appreciate I am here in Columbia, because of less temptation from the fashion elements. I was thinking what if I am studying in Washington DC or New York? I cannot imagine what will happen and how can I stick on my goal when faced with the time square and the wall street. Aha, I am so lucky I am here and I believe I can make it!