This week has continued to bring more stress than any sort of fashion challenge. With all of the tests, assignments, and work, I have had no time to even worry with my desire to go shopping. I can’t imagine a time when I could go shopping if I could. Luckily, Stillwater doesn’t have many distractions or attractive shopping. I get more nervous as I wait for the cold weather to arrive in Oklahoma. Once it gets cool, I know I will be tempted to look for coats, sweaters, and boots. I guess I can look but not buy until November!

I am hoping to take this opportunity to get rid of some clothes that I don’t wear anymore. I would like to either donate them or find a way to rework them somehow. One of my friends mentioned doing a “closet swap” at some point and raiding each others’ closets to find clothes that are new to each of us. I feel like I need to resort to getting creative in order to make it through without shopping for another month or so.

Good luck to everyone else with your fashion detox!