Another week of not shopping has commenced. And I feel empty. I’m starting to get a little sad every time I see a shopping bag laying in the trash at my sorority house. Okay, I know I am being a little bit on the dramatic side but this detox has gotten tough. I think I am looking more forward to this detox being over than my 21st birthday party.
A problem I had last week was my friends inviting me to go shopping with them. I did not want to miss out on hanging out with my friends so I tagged along. This made the temptation to shop even larger. My coping habit is now turning to other friends’ closets. I decided that since I cannot physically go shopping anymore that I can still shop, and by shop I mean borrow. This has come in very handy whenever I need a certain color tank or bandeau top. I just ask around to borrow one. I also have turned down the invites to join in shopping. It’s been tough, but my friends and I just have to settle for meeting for lunch or dinner instead.
Each week the detox becomes harder and harder, and coping sometimes almost seems impossible. Lucky for me I have a giant support system, even if my friends and sisters give me a hard time about it. They tend to state that this will be impossible for me to finish successfully since I have been quite the shopper before this detox had started. However, I will triumph and prove them wrong; then we will all go out shopping together to celebrate.