So this week was easier for me to resist any shopping cravings. I felt really good and strong! Well, I will admit something. I work in a retail store and since the visual team just updated the selling floor, all merchandise was looking a little delicious to my eye to say the least. I was tempted but it is okay because I maintained and reminded myself of the budget I have to resist any impulses and also of this detox challenge. I didn’t really experience any creative ways to manipulate some of my wants and desires of clothes this week, but I did see some inspiration in the store I work. Hopefully I can somehow incorporate those details somehow in my closet.

My friends visited me at my job and instead of making me wan. to buy clothes, they encouraged me and told me that I didn’t need them. Needless to say, I have great supporting friends, making this challenge a little easier. I feel really good with the strategies and support systems I have for the rest of the semester.