When your parents make a visit to Columbia, Missouri what is the first thing you want to do with them? Obviously I always want to go out to dinner but after the meal the next thing we usually do is shop! Unfortunately my parents took a trip down to Columbia this week and even though we did get delicious food, it wasn’t the same with out buying some new fall clothes. The good thing is my mom brought down all of my fall and winter clothes from home so it kind of made me feel like i just went shopping!

With the weather changing the first thing i want to do is find the perfect boots for the winter. Yes i have been looking at Stevemadden.com but nothing has been purchased. An advantage of this challenge is i can just wait till the holidays to get new clothing! Also, since when did the University Bookstore get such cute boutique clothing?! That may be my hardest challenge because it is hard to say no to student charge.