• This week I am having troubles with my urge to shop, I have three TAM classes, and I am also looking at the latest fashion trends for homework assignment, and projects. In one of my class I was looking at dresses, maxi dresses in particular “oh how I wanted one so bad”. By being online and looking at the latest fashion, it’s making me want to go shopping for long dresses, or a winter jacket, I have both in my closet however I feel like I need new ones, after looking up different styles.
  • I am trying to stay focus on no shopping; I can do it I keep telling myself. I keep myself busy by working two days during the week days, and two days on the weekend, along with classes five days a week. Homework, and work itself is keeping me occupied, and out of trouble.
  • I am still hunting through my closet, and trying to organize everything so I can see what all is in there, I tell you I have clothes in there with tags on. I am surprise of all the new clothes I have, it’s like we are reconnecting old friends. I think I have a lot of new outfits in my closet that can get me through the semester, I am positive.
  • By doing this detoxing it’s helping me in a positive way, because I am saving money as well as wearing the clothes I already have in my closet.