It has been three weeks since I have last bought any clothing items.  I am not yet feeling any strain because I seem to have more money than I expected to have this far into the year.  I did not make a lot of money this summer so I was very worried I would not have enough for this year.  But, this detox program is an excuse not to buy anything and save my money. I’m not feeling to worried about not having bought anything recently, rather I feel bad that I keep burrowing clothes from people.  They do not seem to mind though.  If anything happens to their clothes I clean them or would pay for them.

Like I said in my last post, when it comes to creativity in the clothing aspect, I am not very creative.  It has made me try new outfits which I really like.  I look more on Pinterest for outfits to put together rather than trying to find new clothes. I wish I could become more creative and maybe this might help.

No more temptation because I have been busy with studying a lot.  I would like to tell myself that accessories is not shopping, but I know it would be cheating, so I can not bring myself to that.  I feel more appreciative around people for letting me burrow their clothes.

Anything creative comes from me trying to find new outfits in the clothes I have or that I am burrowing.  Hopefully this program improves my relationships with people, creativity, and lowers my drive for wanting new things.