Continuing on with my journey as a “Fashion Detoxer” has proved to be challenging, yet at the same time rewarding. It has been rewarding because I now have more money to save and put towards bigger and better things besides a Forever 21 shopping spree. It has been challenging, especially with the weather cooling down. I really want to buy a new pair of brown riding boots and warm, oversized sweaters!!! I have so many spring and summer dresses, but severely lack in winter dresses and tops! I constantly “pin” items on Pinterest related to fall trends, such as denim jackets, blazers, and oversized sweaters. Pinterest has definitely been my way of coping with my shopping withdrawals. Whenever I “pin” a cute outfit to my “Fashionista” board, a part of me thinks this adorable outfit is now mine. If only! Like I said last week, I have used my creativity to make two new skirts. I have been obsessed with chevrons, which is why I decided to make this gray and white chevron skirt (picture below). I think it would even be cute to wear to the next football game with gold accessories!


My only concern is with Halloween coming up in about a month. I have a few ideas of what I would like to be, but all of them require some items I do not own! I will have to hunt through my friend’s closets to find what I need! If not, I will have to rethink my costume ideas.

The other day I went to Kohl’s with a few of my friends. They like shopping with me because they say I have good fashion sense. I helped my friend, Jenny, pick out some business casual clothes and my other friend pick out some Fall necessities. I interned at Kohl’s this summer, which is where about half of my wardrobe is from. Going back into a Kohl’s store after not being in one for about a month and a half was SO tempting! I love Lauren Conrad’s line and ELLE clothes. Luckily, I was there with friends who convinced me not to buy anything.

I always take note of what other’s are wearing on campus and try to keep up with the trends, but of course for this semester I have to be behind with the trends. To keep myself from not shopping I have been avoiding Target. Anytime I need toiletries I usually go to Target for a bottle of shampoo or a tube of toothpaste, and always end up spending $100 on clothes. Therefore, now I have been going to Wal Mart to buy my necessities because I know I won’t be buying any clothes from there. Just some little things here and there that have so far helped prevent me from shopping. This week I don’t have as much going on with school and work. Will I have more of an urge to shop? We’ll see!!