I feel as if this challenge is not so easy for me. I tend to be very money conscious and see things in ways of what money can get me. Last weekend before the football game my roommate and I went to Chris’s University Store, because she wanted to get some new OSU shirts. I found a very cute sweatshirt that I wanted to buy very badly, but she helped talk me out of it. 1. It was $40 and 2. I am detoxing. The next day I went and got a mani pedi and what did it cost me, $40. I felt sick when I made the realization that  I spent money on something that will last me maybe a week and for the same amount of money I could have bought something that could last me a lifetime. So was it worth it for me to forgo buying a sweatshirt? Was the trade off of a class project and painted nails worth forgoing something that could last a lifetime? I guess this will be one of the questions I will be asking myself all semester.