Another week down!!! I am beginning to feel the tug of desire to buy things. I have gotten a moment this week to go into stores and they are putting out all the fabulous holiday decorations and fall clothes; which are my favorite! I want them all!!

            This challenge continues to get my creative juices flowing. It is easy just to go buy new items to make my decoration vision work or for what I want to wear, but it has become a fun adventure to try to create my ideas but with things, I already own or can make with up-cycled materials in my house.

            I had a big temptation just yesterday. I went into a store and they added new Halloween decorations that are too cute; I even carried around some decorations with me while I shopped. However, I was very good and departed from them before I checked out. I have not had any apparel needs so I did not need to satisfy that. The other temptation I find, is when my spouse tells me about cute things they find, I say things like “well if you buy it, it doesn’t go against my blog”! ugh

            This challenge has impacted how I feel about people, for multiple reasons. I do not necessarily look at people individually differently as much as the mindset and consumption of the industry. First, working in retail and watching the consumption of clothing has really opened my eyes to the wastefulness of clothes, plus how important and exercised the apparel industry is. This week’s reading about empathetic design also made me realize why it is such a highly used industry; even interior design. Secondly, the impact has been from my family and spouse. Even though I have explained multiple times about the fashion detox, the purpose, and my role in it and yet they keep trying to tempt me and/or mess with me about it. For example, letting me know about all the amazing decorations that are out at stores. However I literally just had a conversation on how we can work together to try to make the decorations we really like. Also, my mother, after just telling her about this challenge she begins to tell me she wants to get me clothes and decorations for my birthday!!! Ah!

            Some strategies I have come up with to stop shopping is simply not going into stores. If I do have to go into a store only taking a small amount of money in, bringing a list and sticking to it. Also, I am making sure I have a creative project each week so I can fulfill that urge to be crafty; which is also a strategy to fulfill my needs without purchasing the product out right.  In addition, I am planning a bridal shower for a friend so I get to be ultra creative and get decorations, but they are not for me!