Hello again!

So I think I have finally begun to accept the fact that I can not shop, and will not be buying anything for a LONG time! And acceptance is always the first step in MOVING ON!! I was feeling a bit glum last week about not being able to purchase my pinterest fantasies online BUT, I have had a much better, cheery attitude this week!

I actually have been a little creative with my wardrobe this week. We had a themed shindig at our house with some friends and I am proud to say, I did NOT buy one item for my ensemble! I borrowed a shirt from my roommate, wore an old skirt from a couple years ago I found buried in my closet and a headband borrowed from a friend! It was perfect! 

I know this probably sounds crazy, but I feel like I am substituting shopping for food. I used to spend most of my money on new clothes but now it ALL goes to food. I think I went to panera at least three times this past week..So my temptations to shop have definitely been limited however food is taking over!! 

I was a little jealous this week when I couldn’t shop for our themed party with my friends this week, BUT I saved my money and was able to buy a delicious pick-two meal at panera so that made me feel a little better! 

So in summary, my go to strategy to fight the urge to shop is to go to food instead of the shoes, cupcakes over cashmere and pizza over pearls! Other then that, I just have to keep on going! Positive attitude is key!