Hola detox readers!  It is week three and let me tell you, this week was definitely much harder than the past two.  The main reason for this is because I went back home to St. Louis for the weekend.  In St. Louis I am surrounded by all my favorite boutiques and of course my grandma who is my shopping buddy!  It was so tough not being able to go around with her and find awesome pieces!  Not to mention I saw online a shirt that was calling my name.  The top was a loose white long sleeved top with a huge skull in the center for only $30 bucks but I resisted!  I will be honest though, I highly considered getting it 😛  

 This week was also hard for me because of course three weeks into the detox and my two favorite pairs of sunglasses either broke or I lost them.  Due to being irresponsible with my sunglasses (thankfully they were not expensive), I had to search through my room to find my spare pair. Now, they may not be the chicest pair, but they do the job.  

While at home I did have the opportunity to go through some of my Fall/Winter bins.  Going through my warmer clothes gave me some relief.  I found great shirts that I forgot I had and I’m already thinking of some outfits I can make out of them.  This detox has made me look at my clothes in a different light.  For example, I have had my pair of TOMS for about a year now and have rarely worn them in the past!  Since the detox they have become one of my favorite pairs of shoes to wear to class.  As painful as it is to not shop and buy the latest trends, I am started to appreciate my clothing more.  Thank you fashion detox and good night!