How am I feeling? Pretty good (aside for the slight cold) but I assume you mean in terms of not being able to shop, so pretty good. This challenge hasn’t particularly affected my creativity this week, I have been sick so I haven’t really cared what I looked like. In fact I cared so little this week that one day I went to class with a scarf over my mouth and nose because I wanted to try and keep from spreading germs, that day I got asked if I was trying to be a Muslim for a day. I have not had any real temptation to shop, for myself. I was obliged to buy my husband some briefs but that was more embarrassing than fulfilling. If at all this challenge has given me more confidence around others, because others can see that I am not nearly as materialistic as they might at first have supposed. I found out a couple of days ago that this challenged has even got my husband thinking about starting a challenge himself. To seeing if he can do without any little luxury buys for a month, just to see if he can make it. The only making of a strategy that I have put into play is I have tried not to wander through clothing isles, or looking at the clothing adds that keep filling up my e-mail. Since this week I have not had any real needs, I have not implemented any strategies to get a product without buying it first hand.