I have thankfully not had the urge to shop at all in the past few weeks and am hoping that this is what it continues to be like for the rest of it. I must admit it is challenging to walk into the bookstore and not student charge every piece of clothing I can get my hands on. I’m able to somehow find a way to resist however. I’m feeling good about this whole thing so far and that I am strong enough to be able to resist the temptations. So far, I’m pretty much as creative as I was before and just have to get creative with my clothing. I mist admit, it’s a little hard though when my roommates come home with all this adorable new clothing and I’m just sitting there wishing I was able to do that. I know that my banking account thanks me for not going shopping however. I just basically have to keep repeating in my head that I’m poor and that I’m on a detox from clothing. I have started to do little projects to make some cute simple jewelry that I see on pinterest with stuff I just have lying around the room however. That helps me utilize some of my creativity without going out and just buying jewelry. Lets hope its this easy the rest of the time!