Wow this week flew by! I was so busy this week that I really didn’t have the chance to think about missing shopping. Studying can really be a distraction from shopping but I did find myself looking at some of my clothes thinking they are getting kind of threadbare…I did resist even when I went home this weekend to visit my parents and they normally fund my clothing shopping! The really hard situation about this time of year is all the sales that are starting. I love a good bargain but I must resist the temptation.

Instead of shopping, it’s tool time (or rather repair time). The best I can think of avoiding shopping for some essentials is figuring out how I can repair the weathering clothing that I already have which of some items is going to be a challenge. I have literally had these items for years so the wear is tearing! Is Duck Tape an option? Hopefully my creativity will kick in to solve the problem. I digress; I had to add a little drama since I can’t buy new.

This next week could be fun since I get paid but I will continue to resist and maybe go back to last week’s blog and start shopping in the back of my closet! There is bound to be a solution in order to not shop. Until next week, fashion detoxing continues and my wardrobe looks forward to the uplift with repairs and some minor adjustments!