Like last week, I worked 43 hours and barely had time do anything besides schoolwork and online shop (and by shop I unfortunately mean browse). Now that the fall season is here and the weather is getting colder, I’ve been so tempted to consider buying new sweaters, colored denim and chunky statement jewelry pieces.  However, I’ve remained to stay strong and intend to do so. Today was the hardest day for me since I began this project because I went home for the day and to the plaza with my family.  For anyone who doesn’t know what the plaza is, I would best describe it as an upper-priced shopping center full of specialty boutiques and stores and better budget department stores. Every time we went into a store I asked my mom to hold my purse for me so that I couldn’t buy something even if I wanted to. It. Was. Torture. However, I can say that because I did that, I left the plaza probably four hundred dollars richer than I would have any other day.  I’ve noticed my bank account increasing steadily since this project began and that’s a first for me.  Hopefully these shopping habits will carry over once these next seven weeks are up. Only time will tell, but until then I wouldn’t mind having a new Michael Kors bag… (I wish).