This week I have felt pretty good when dealing with my fashion detox. I have not had an urge or need to buy clothing yet. If anything, this has really helped my bank account. I am on a tight budget as it is and cannot really afford to buy a new outfit. I am only nervous that once I do save of my money from the detox, I will have more of an urge to buy a new outfit, especially with fall and winter right around the corner.

This challenge has impacted my creativity by finding old clothes I don’t wear as much anymore and creating new outfits with them. I have a lot of clothes laying around that I thought I would never wear again, but I’ve ended up wearing them and getting compliments. I have not had any temptations this week, I have not even seen anything I’ve wanted to purchase.

So far this challenge has not affected me about how I feel around others. I am just jealous that they can shop and buy new cute outfits for the fall. If tempted to shop I think about the cost more than anything else. I don’t want to spend money on items I may only wear once. I think about if I really need it or if I just want it a little bit. I still think I will be successful in this challenge.