Time goes really fast, I even don’t know how long I have been here as a fashion Detoxer. Yeah…it is the third week I control myself from purchasing clothes or any other accessories. Frankly speaking, I really don’t have much too strong desire to go shopping these weeks. I watch those beautiful and florid latest fashion dressings in the    shop window without any actuation that may drive me getting off the car and rushing into the mall. I looks like so clam and peaceful when we pass through it. What happened to me? I do hope it is a good omen for me.

Yeah…It is real. If you take a second think, you will realize what exactly happen. Time goes fast, people are busy with their stuffs such as preparing the coming exams or hanging out with friends. They all have lots of thing to deal with. They may feel bored and depressed. But it is life. I remember I have written that in my first blog, shopping is a good way to release our stress, relax and purify mind. It is true, without shopping, we still have lots of things to have fun!

This Friday, I went to the jefferson city to enjoy a big Japanese meal with my boyfriend, I like and enjoy the lighting system and the layout of the dining room. It is hard to express by words, simple life but full of happiness. I love it! It doesn’t matter how does the cook decorate the dishes, it only depends on how delicious they are. Even though you put the dishes in the golden plate, it is no mean to upgrade the taste of the dish. It is similar to what we are doing now. Dressing is only a way to makes you a little bit beautiful of distingushed from other people. But your own characters, behaviours, and temperament counts much to a great extent.

Therefore, just keep doing it! I believe all of us can live a happy life in these 10 weeks.